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Scalp Micro Pigmentation & SMP Cosmetic Tattoo

Welcome to Nature Acupuncture & Rehab’s Hair & Scalp Clinic, where we offer specialized treatments to help you regain confidence and recapture your youthful appearance.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation & SMP Cosmetic Tattoo:

» Bald Hair Tattoo
» M-Shaped Hairline
» Circular Bald Spot on Head
» Sideburns
» Nape Hairline
» Bald Spot on Crown

Hairline Restoration Services:

» Enhance and refine your hairline
» Reduce the appearance of receding hairline on the forehead
» Eliminate circular bald spots on the head
» Address bald spots on the crown
» Tattoo on Hair Part for added coverage and symmetry

Our unique and modified Hairline Tattoo technique is designed to give you a natural-looking hairline, boosting your confidence and helping you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Visit Nature Acupuncture & Rehab’s Hair & Scalp Clinic today and embark on your journey to reclaiming your youthful charm!

SMP Tattoo Before & After


Hairline after 2nd treatment

Hairline after 3rd treatment

*Swipe the photo left or right to see before and after.

« Before After »

(Left) Before the treatment
(Right) After 1st micro braiding on hairline

« Before After »

(Left) Before the treatment
(Right) After 3rd treatment on crown

*These photos feature real patients who have given their consent for their usage solely for promotional purposes by our clinic.

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