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Facial Rejuvenation

How does acupuncture work for facial rejuvenation?

One of the most commonly reported effects of acupuncture treatment is that people feel more relaxed. It has also been scientifically shown to help produce higher levels of adenosine, a natural painkiller, in the skin. The relaxation effects of acupuncture, along with its ability to increase the production of neuropeptides, including endorphins, can potentially enhance the appearance of the face and skin by improving sleep quality, reducing stress, improving mood, and increasing blood circulation.

How does the treatment course work?

The treatment course typically consists of ten sessions, twice per week for five weeks. However, if you have delicate skin, the treatment course will be once per week for ten weeks. Each treatment session lasts approximately one hour.


» Recommended for individuals over 30 years old experiencing loss of skin functions, such as regenerating skin cells, collagen, and elasticity.

» Suitable for those with a compromised skin immune system.

» Beneficial for individuals with dull skin complexion due to aging.

» Ideal for those seeking natural skin rejuvenation through autogenesis rather than relying on cosmetic surgery for beauty enhancements.

Preparation before treatment:

» It is important to have a meal prior to the treatment; you should never come on an empty stomach or when feeling hungry.

» Adequate nutrition is necessary to sustain your energy during the treatment.

» Wear or bring comfortable, loose clothes to ensure maximum comfort during the session.

» Avoid consuming caffeine or any stimulants that may potentially interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.

» Please refrain from coming if you feel excessively tired, exhausted, or in emergency cases.

Benefits of Facial Acupuncture:

» Eliminates fine wrinkles and reduces the appearance of deeper wrinkles.

» Reduces double chin and diminishes puffiness around the eyes.

» Improves collagen and elastin production, enhancing skin’s radiance.

» Tightens pores and adds firmness to sagging skin.

» Stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, resulting in smoother and silkier skin.

» Enhances local blood and lymph circulation, promoting metabolism.

Visible Results:

Our Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment program at the clinic consists of 10 to 12 sessions, twice per week for five weeks. Visible improvements can be noticed after 4 to 7 sessions, varying based on the severity of wrinkles and skin types. This allows collagen to effectively reduce the formation of fine lines. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. Additionally, we may recommend herbal supplements that address not only facial concerns but also the overall health and constitution of the body.

Maintaining the Results:

Typically, the effects of the treatment can last from three to five years following a course of ten treatments. To sustain the results, it is advisable to receive maintenance sessions once a week to once a month, depending on the severity of wrinkles. This approach ensures that collagen continues its role in minimizing the formation of fine lines. However, individual skin responses may vary based on age, lifestyle, and other factors, potentially affecting the timeframe of results.

Before & After (After 6 to 12weeks)

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*These photos feature real patients who have given their consent for their usage solely for promotional purposes by our clinic.

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